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SIOUX Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners have many different equipment models that can use cold or hot water and steam at different pressures and temperatures making them very effective for various applications. Operation of these equipments can be either 100% electric of with a combustion engine (diesel, gas, etc…)


SIOUX Descaler System

Specific unit designed to remove descaling material from inside the coils in the reservoirs that are installed at the process plant pumps, that will keep the oil inside the pumps at the right temperature and avoid damages in the pump seal rings.
Explosion proof unit can be used inside process plants and other specific risk areas. Due to its small size and portable design it can be carried by one person.


Sale and Installation of DRY KEEP System

  • *Humidity Control system for Transformers
  • Transformer oil recirculates through its cylinders reducing the moisture percentage, avoiding drive failures. 

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